“The infinite blue waves of the sea made me feel free. In that boundless blue, 

I discovered myself and fell deeply in love with the mysteries of beauty. 

The ballerina is as graceful and free as the sea. Her dance is as beautiful as the waves, 

and her beauty is as deep and profound as the sea.”

 -  <HISTOIRE DE MA VIE> by George Sand

emilee F 2024 S/S Collection, inspired by the French novelist George Sand, also known as Emilee F, 

as depicted in her novel <HISTOIRE DE MA VIE>. 

In this collection, we interpret the novel’s emotive themes of the sea, beauty, 

and ballerinas into a contemporary fashion language.

emilee F, who has captivated numerous celebrities and fashion connoisseurs, 

embarked on a journey to the idyllic southern French resort of Saint-Tropez, 

capturing the essence of beachside beauty and the allure of the sea. 

The collection features pieces that seamlessly blend opulence with intellectual refinement.

The color palette encompasses the hues of summer, including pristine whites, 

tranquil blues, and deep ink blues, alongside delicate pastels such as blush pink, soft yellow, and muted green. 

Drawing inspiration from the timeless maritime aesthetics of the French coast, 

our collection symbolizes the undulating waves of the sea through striped tops 

and blouses. Romantic mini dresses and voluminous eyelet dresses evoke 

the spirit of romantic travel, while lace-adorned shirts and 

ribbon-festooned blouses add a touch of intellectual elegance.

Our tweed suits and dresses elegantly capture the glistening waves and the resplendent beauty of Saint-Tropez’s seaside, 

much like the masterful <Saint-Tropez> by Paul Signac, 

a painting that encapsulates the enchanting scenery of Saint-Tropez from the early 20th century. 

Furthermore, the collection includes bustier tops, ribbon tops, 

and lavish tulle tutu skirts that accentuate opulence and sophistication, enhancing the innate beauty of women.

This collection, narrated through the persona of emilee F, 

transforms the emotional voyage and splendor of Saint-Tropez into a contemporary, 

refined fashion language-an extraordinary offering tailored for women 

who exude grace and sophistication.


대표 JIAH LEE    

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